Annual Reporting

MS4 Trash track compliance method

Map Layers

Based on your track selection, the following map layers are required. The layers currently available in your 2Nform account are indicated with a checkmark. Contact 2N for more information.

File Uploads

Based on your track selection, the following files are required. Drag & drop or browse to upload file below. Check box next to file description when completed.

UPLOADS: Drag & Drop or

Trash Full Capture System Equivalency Threshold

Based on all available trash assessment data, PLU areas with an average trash condition of LOW are queried. Select the certainty threshold by which a PLU area will be designated as having achieved full trash capture system equivalency (FCSE) below. The associated minimum number of observations required to achieve the associated certainty level are provided. See the FAQ and Trash Module Technical Document for more details.




Sync Data

Data is routinely synced between 2Nform and your designated ArcGIS Online account. Contact 2NDNATURE if you have any questions.

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